Mindful Landscapes

As I get older I find myself more and more drawn to the abstract; to moments of transformative inspiration and my creative process.

Anna King. Writer & Artist

I am delighted to have this opportunity to share with you a series of creative non-fiction prose exploring my experience of being adopted, as well as visual stories & essays inspired by nature’s wisdom & seasonal light.

My Story:

My name is Anna & I grew up in Wiltshire, England; a land where mystery & magic meet legend filled crop circles, chalk white horses and ancient stories laden with promise and unseen forces.

Growing up near Stonehenge permeated my childhood with mystery. Memories of picnics and tag in-between the Stones have never left me. The absence of fences at that time meant that barriers didn’t separate the Stones from our abandoned experience.

My brother Kevin and I, loved these visits! We would lay our bodies against these massive rocks to feel or hear their magic.

As we indulged in the tinge of fear associated with such monumental surreal structures, stories were told and songs made up.

Our un-tempered imaginations were wild and replete. 

My father had an innocent fascination with England’s ancient history.  Every school break involved a visit to either the Stones, Glastonbury, or walks along the old Roman Road with a pack of Hovis ham and cheese sandwiches squeezed into our pockets. 

There were sighs and complaints after three-hour treks through countless identical looking fields.

“Just follow the ley-lines”, he would say. 

We blindly followed his footsteps of exploration with intrigue and awe.

My father never said much about these visits.  In his typical quiet manner he would gaze into the distance, as if listening to some far off calling.  I would look up and wonder what it was that he loved so much about these excursions. 

We just had fun; but for him it was something so much deeper.  He seemed to find some solace, some language all to himself; something that I often wished I had asked him about when I was older. 

Alas, such musings are now far too late!

Nevertheless, such unassuming moments at such a young age have had a significant imprint upon the rest of my life. 

These sojourns to our ancestral history etched the mists of mythology to my imagination, in a very normal, unaffected way.

I share these memories with you to mark the beginning of a conversation about the lived-experience of adoption.

I hope that you will join me!

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