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Dr. Anna King (Ph.D., M.A, B.A) is an experienced writer, researcher & creative content curator (see current clients: https://annaking.ie/prgalway

Currently I am working on a series of creative nonfiction compositions (visual, audio and prose), including a book (in collaboration with Dr. Martin Ruffley, from GMIT Department of Culinary Arts) that celebrates Galway gastronomy, people & place.

People & Place: Galway Gastronomy, by Master Chef Martin Ruffly & Anna King.

People & Place: Galway Gastronomy, by Master Chef Martin Ruffly & Anna King.

As a writer & landscape ethnographer my specialist interests are arts-based action research methodologies, health, well-being & locally inspired cuisine. 

My academic research examines the palette of complex ways in which communities cope and respond to changing social, cultural and environmental landscapes, and the importance of place-making in the community-building puzzle. 

What keeps me inspired is community and my work with videographers and other creatives, including a collaboration with Galway Hooker 2020 boat-building project. Our most recent project is a series of ethnographic portraits exploring local knowledge & the living history of Galway’s rich tradition of boat-building.

Anna King. Writer


Storied Landscapes shares creative non-fiction prose & research.

Mindful Landscapes & Portraits of Adoption are conversations about the lived-experience of adoption.

Slow Living Ireland is a series of vignettes of local life, simple pleasures, changing seasons & gastronomy inspired by our local landscape.

Lastly, I have just launched the Centre for Wild Atlantic Wellness: Celebrating the West of Ireland’s Community Seascapes.

These projects keep me inspired & fulfilled!

After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the things we need most in the world.
— Philip Pullman
Elderflower Cordial.

Elderflower Cordial.

In addition to my creative work, I am a part-time yoga & mindfulness teacher. You can find some of my health & wellbeing insights over on instagram @akyoga_ (click on images below) or visit: www.akyoga.ie